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  • 3: Happy Death Day + Happy Death Day 2U 02/17/2019
    This podcast has been brought to you by a weird time loop in which you get killed over and over and over and over and over again. It's Daniel and Drew vs. the Babyface Killer, parallel universes and the art of a good fake French accent. This week on Quality Check, your hosts discuss the horror hit "Happy Death Day" and its sci-fi sequel, […]
  • 2: Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) + Nightcrawler (2014) 02/05/2019
    Get some fresh paint and charge your camera batteries, because Daniel & Drew are taking you on an arty, underground journey through LA via the lens of Dan Gilroy. First, your Quality Check crew introduces a new segment: Did You See? (1:45) They talk about the new trailer for "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw." Drew was surprised to […]
  • Pop Culture Pick'Ems - February 2019 02/01/2019
    The shortest month isn't short on entertainment. Here's our Pop Culture Pick'Ems for February. Let us know what your February picks are on Twitter (@QualityCheckPod), Instagram (@qualitycheckpodcast) or e-mail us as
  • 1: GlassCast 01/28/2019
    It's time to take a ride on the Eastrail Trilogy! New Movie: Glass Old Movies: Unbreakable (26:15) & Split (40:17) Daniel & Drew start by discussing Glass, then dive into Unbreakable and Split, otherwise known as the Eastrail Trilogy. Drew then puts Daniel in the hot seat with the Movie Review Game (01:01:16), where Daniel has to guess which one […]
  • 0: Introduction 01/28/2019
    Hosts Daniel Posey and Drew Douglas introduce you to the podcast of Quality Check. Every other Tuesday, they watch and discuss a new movie and an old movie, in which the films are related to some degree: the old film is either a prequel, made by the same director, stars the same actor, or maybe works as a great pairing with the new movie. Plus, Daniel & […]