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  • TWILIGHT ZONE (2019) - "A Traveler" 04/20/2019
    "This is a real good guy, everybody!" A stranger in a jail cell disrupts the lives of a small Alaskan community. Will he be pardoned? This week on Quality Check we discuss "A Traveler", the fourth episode of the CBS All Access reboot of "The Twilight Zone." Marika Sila, Steven Yeun and the always handsome Greg Kinnear highlight […]
  • TWILIGHT ZONE (2019) -- "Replay" 04/16/2019
    Something doesn't feel right about this episode...we wonder if there's a start over. After stepping into the fifth dimension, Daniel & Drew rewind the new podcast episode so they can accurately talk about the third episode of the new Twilight Zone series: "Replay." They begin with stats about the episode then dive into spoile […]
  • 7: Pet Semetary (2019) & (1989) 04/09/2019
    Stephen King's classic horror story about a family moving to the countryside only to be haunted by tragedy and a mystical graveyard, is remade. Being huge fans of the American author, Daniel & Drew dive into the new "Pet Semetary" and the original film made thirty years ago. The Quality Check boys first cover the remake (2:10) and the majo […]
  • TWILIGHT ZONE (2019) -- "The Comedian" & "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet" 04/06/2019
    Daniel & Drew invite you to step into the fifth dimension with them as they take on the new "Twilight Zone" series, rebooted by horror's new prodigy son, Jordan Peele. Your hosts start off talking (non-spoilers) about their interest in the series, Rod Serling, and what it means for Peele's team to bring such an iconic franchise to lif […]
  • Pop Culture Pick'ems - April 2019 04/02/2019
    Movies, TV and Music top our Pop Culture picks for April. Listen to what what we are looking forward to and share your picks on Twitter (@QualityCheckPod) and Instagram (@QualityCheckPodcast)!